Ladies and gentlemen, leave your kale leaves and 12 dollar cold pressed juices behind. Let salt and avocado heal you. Join the taco cleanse.

Vegans are not usually known for being avant-garde eaters, but a vocal group of Austin vegans are pioneering “the taco cleanse” in response to years of near-starvation from juice and green cleanses. Blogger Lazy Smurf recently published “The Hows and Whys of the Taco Cleanse,” in which she elaborates on the tongue-in-cheek experiment.

“Since moving to Austin almost ten years ago I started supplementing my diet with tacos, particularly breakfast tacos; the most important taco of the day.

I wasn’t seeing the results I was looking for. Sure, I would eat tacos most days but then sometimes for dinner I would screw up by eating a burger or some soup. I had no self-control and I could hardly look at myself in the mirror any more. It was also during this time I noticed a rash of physical symptoms. Sometimes I would feel really tired, especially in the morning when my alarm went off.”

The Lazy Smurf proposes an all-taco diet, which can last anywhere from one day to a month. Counter Culture in Austin is even hosting a “Taco Tuesday” in support. Follow the #tacocleanse hashtag on twitter, and track the food pioneers at The Lazy Smurf, Lonestar Plate, Rabbit Food Grocery, and Taco Liberation Front. If you decided to try the taco cleanse, know that veganism isn’t an essential part of the diet. We assume that a carnitas taco cleanse would produce similar results.

Some nutritionists may scoff, but I, for one, cannot hear them over the delightful crunch of taco shell.

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[via Lazy Smurf]