There is only one rule at Eenmaal, a pop-up restaurant in Amsterdam, and that is you must dine solo.  Not your average alternative dining experience, Eenmaal focuses less on the high-brow food and more so on showing the world that dining solo dolo can be awesome.

Marina van Goor, the social designer and initiator (yes, that’s an actual job…welcome to 2013) behind the sleek and well-designed project, wants to break this taboo of being alone, especially in a public space which is typically a place for people to gather and socialize.

Sometimes though, you just want to be alone, focused on the delicious food in front of you, and free from social duties. The only place that most people are free from solo-dolo dining shame is at home with their Netflix queue and a greasy pizza delivery. But we’re serious backers of taking yourself out to dinner—just check out our guide to dining solo in NYC.

When you eat alone, you get to go where you want to go, order the exact meal that you’re craving, there’s no hassle over splitting the check, and you can order dessert x 2 without any receiving any judge-y looks. Sounds like happiness to us.

[via PSFK]