What better place to set a world record for the longest bratwurst than the parking lot of the Green Bay Packers’ Lambeau Field, and what better time than the start of this year’s NFL season?

The occasion for the record-breaking tailgate snack was the 100th anniversary of Delaware North, the company that runs concessions at Lambeau. The sausage clocked in at 120 yards, the same length as the field the Packers play on, end zone to end zone. 


The sausage was made by Johnsonville Foods, who also custom made a charcoal grill to cook the monstrous wiener. If a 360-foot, 250-pound bratwurst sounds like a bit of a joke, you’re not that far off. Heath Barbato, executive chef for the entire stadium, felt the same way. He says,

“It started out as sort of a joke of an idea and we kind of challenged Johnsonville for our 100th anniversary to make us a 100-yard brat.”


Johnsonville didn’t back down from the idea, and invited the self-proclaimed ‘Michael Jordan of meat,’ Epic Meal Time head honcho Harley Morenstein, to be on hand to witness the bratwurst brilliance. For someone not easily impressed by over-the-top culinary creations, Morenstein was more than hyped. He says, “Even if there wasn’t a sausage out here, the contraption they’re using to cook it is extremely interesting to me.” So far, there’s no word on how big of a portion Harley ate.


The Packers fans that showed up to worship the meat monsrosity decided that only one name would be fitting for something so beautifully smoked at Lambeau: Jay Cutler. Gotta love a good sentimental hate-name.

[via WBAY]