Sprouts are a superfood packed with proteins and vitamins, and in China, they’re also a fashion accessory. Yes, #sproutcore is the latest food-fashion trend that you need to know about.

According to the WSJ, “Men, women, grandmothers and children in China are all donning the beansprout (豆芽花) hairpin—a barrette that creates the highly-sought illusion of a plant protruding from the head.”


According to Dazed, the sprout-on-your-head trend is taking Beijing by storm. The stylish hair accessory can be seen across social media platforms by searching #sproutcore or #豆芽 (Mandarin for bean sprouts).


Some believe that sproutcore was inspired by a character from the Chinese cartoon Pleasant Goat and the Big Big Wolf. We watched one episode of the show on Youtube, and spotted the hairstyle in the show’s intro.

lamb intro

Photo via Youtube

Others speculate that costume performance art, or cosplay, popularized it. All we know is, the trend will undoubtedly catch on in America, and we’re predicting a heavy presence of sprout-wearers next festival season (we’re looking at you, Coachella Pocahontas).


Food has made its way onto the runway and into look-books before, but sproutcore appears to be one the first food-and-fashion trends focused around noms that are actually healthy, as opposed to all over print-pizza shirts and cheeseburger kicks.

You can buy your own #sproutcore accessories on Ebay for less than a dollar, a wool version from Etsy for $9, or you could make your own snack-ready version from a real bean sprout. We suggest the latter.




Here’s a video from WSJ that delves deeper into the sproutcore trend, in case you’re as fascinated by the topic as we are.


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