Move over, chicken wings and pitchers of Bud. At a newly opened restaurant in Shenyang, China, bikini-clad babes dish out the delicious hot rice porridge known as congee.

Often studded with pork, seafood, chicken, or thousand-year-old egg, congee is a versatile comfort food that is delicious any time of day.

Photo: Flickr

We say: Why limit the “breastaurant” business model—which has proven successful time and time again—to typical dude foods? Why can’t scantily-clad men and women dish out meals like old-fashioned Chinese porridge and even vegan nachos?


Although, it is frightening to think what would happen if one of the bikini-wearing servers spilled the hot rice porridge on his or herself accidentally. Ouch.coners

Jerry Seinfeld would surely pay this congee restaurant a visit, seeing that he once proposed the idea of oatmeal at strip clubs.

The comedian told D.C. rapper Wale, “I can’t eat chicken and look at strippers at the same time. How about oatmeal and strippers?” Wale told Seinfeld he thought the combination of oatmeal and strippers was “disgusting.”


We aren’t (full-time) restaurant consultants, sure, but we do know that Twin Peaks breastaurant was America’s fastest-growing chain in 2013, and that Hooters is expanding rapidly throughout Asia. The owner of this congee restaurant in China knows what will keep his customers coming back. And who’s to say congee can’t be sexy?

The video above shows people of shapes, sizes, ages, and genders enjoying themselves at the restaurant.

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