As a society, we’re obsessed with food trends, new restaurants, and what’s hot right now in the dining scene—but do we know what the future of food looks like? The food world wouldn’t be the vibrant cultural sphere that it is if it weren’t constantly evolving, and on a more global level, the world’s population is going to have a hard time surviving if we don’t revolutionize the way we eat—and fast. So why not look ahead to what dinner might look like in 2020 and beyond?

For one, there seems to be a projected drive for more responsible eating—an environmental consciousness that goes beyond fair-trade and organic. Food products that eliminate waste and limit energy consumption are on the rise. Not only will there be fewer animals in the future of dining, but there may be fewer people, too, given the rise of inventions that reduce the need for human labor when preparing and serving food.

Take a peek into the future of food, from test-tube burgers, to Smart House-style restaurants, to 3D printed snacks.