Those who care about hamburgers know that not all patties are created equal. There are countless burger styles to try, from the thin-and-griddled smashburger, to the thick steakhouse burger, to the haute gastropub burger.

The same goes for pizza, whose multiple regional riffs include Chicago deep dish, grandma-style, and stuffed-crust.

Like any great American foodstuff, nachos also have numerous variants—some tied to geography, but more often than not dictated by the type of establishment where they’re served. Sports bars piles there’s high with little concern for aesthetics, BBQ joints smother them in saucy meat, and you already know what you’re going to get if you walk up to a concession stand at the ballgame.

Here, we break down six of the most common nacho styles with infographics charting their typical ingredients, construction, and chip selection. This is the essential nacho taxonomy.

Concept by Chris Schonberger (@cschonberger). Art by Amy Chen.