Summer brings with it many pleasures—outdoor drinking, procuring aburd farmer’s tans, going on awesome road trips. But the chief among these seasonal delights is a visit to an ice-cream parlor at dusk on a warm night, when you can find everyone from grandmas to toddlers to skirt-chasing teens sidling up for sundaes, milkshakes, and ridiculously American large scoops of mint chocolate chip.

As with other American classics, there are regional nuances that lend ice-cream eating its own unique flavor across the country, from the thick, frozen-custard “concretes” of the Midwest to crazy melting-pot flavors in New York and the lush products that come out of state university creameries.

Here, the First We Feast celebrates our favorite ice creams shops across the country, with notes on what to order at each stop. Got a favorite of your own? Holler at us in the comments so we can get there this summer.