Food is the subject of some of Instagram’s greatest triumphs, as well as its most horrendous fails. Recently, we chatted up SPIN photo editor Jolie Ruben to get some tips on how to improve your Instagram game and avoid pitfalls like the ubiquitous shiny-meat syndrome. But which users should you follow if you’re looking to find inspiration for your grub-snapping exploits, or you just want to fill your feed with some seriously top-shelf food porn?

For a professional take on who’s really killing the Instagram food game, we hollered at Daniel Krieger, an NYC-based photographer who shoots regularly for the New York Times dining section and has contributed to the likes of GQ, Time Out New York, Esquire, and Rolling Stone.

“Food photography on Instagram usually looks awful, [usually because of] sloppy plating to using dim lighting in a restaurant at night,” says Krieger. “Shooting food with a phone is really hard, but these users not only make it look easy—they also turn food into art.”

He also notes that there are some basic guidelines that you can take away from studying these pros: “Shoot from a bird’s-eye view and use natural light when possible. You will see both of these elements in most of the shots I picked, because that’s how food looks the best with your phone.”

Click through to ogle the best shots from Krieger’s favorite food-themed Instragram feeds.

Daniel Krieger is @danielkrieger on Instagram. His food photography can be seen at and his wedding work can be seen at