Aussies have proven once again that no one can make a milkshake like they can down under.

After a café located in Canberra, Australia introduced massive milkshakes nicknamed “The Freakshow” last month, many were inspired to create similar milkshakes of their own.

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The trend motivated food photographer Alana Dimou to craft unconventional “extreme” milkshakes as an ode to Aussie’s newfound passion for the delectable drinks.

The next-level milkshakes include three original flavors, including: S’mores Chicken, Bacon Burger, and Coles “Baked Fresh Today” Bakery Aisle.

Dimou explains to Grub Street that the focus of each art piece is on the delectable treats that tower above the milkshake, rather than the milkshake itself. The garnishes range from a full roast chicken combined with roasted marshmallows to an eight-patty bacon cheeseburger staked high above a strawberry milkshake.

As the milkshake craze continues, it’s no surprise the Australian daily sugar intake (40 teaspoons) has now doubled that of the daily American average (20 teaspoons).

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If you’re looking to recreate one of these masterpieces at home, all you’ll need is a mile-high burger, a roast chicken, or a smorgasbord of sweet breakfast items to stack on top of your favorite milkshake.

[via Grub Street]