Eater Vancouver reports that sports bar Score on Davie sells a $60 ($53 USD) Bloody Caesar (the Canadian take on a Bloody Mary) garnished with:

  • a full roast chicken
  • Score burger
  • slider
  • chicken wings
  • onion rings
  • pulled pork mac and cheese hot dog
  • a brownie

This is the most outrageous example of a long line of crazy-decadent Bloodys, including ‘The Bloody Masterpiece’ at Sobelman’s in Milwaukee, which features garnishes like shrimp, sausage, and a cheeseburger slider.

Score on Davie owner Jesse Ritchie tells Eater,

It seems hard to balance but it’s actually pretty easy, we just use a few skewers and some techniques we’ve picked up with the heaped-high Caesars we already sell.”

It’s true that the sports bar sells a variety of other over-the-top bloodies, which are featured on its website. Here are some of the most epic:

Grilled Chaesar

“Double Caesar with a deep fried pickle, a grilled cheese sandwich and onion rings”


Aint No Thang

“Double Caesar with hot wings and onion rings”


Big Score

“Hard Boiled Egg, Bacon, Sausage, Pierogies and onion rings”


The Luongo

“Bocconcini cheese, Chorizo sausage, pepperoni, peperoncini peppers”

3[via Eater]

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