This roundup comes courtesy of our friends at Food52, a recipe website and community of home cooks.

If you haven’t heard, the season three premiere of Portlandia is tonight. It’s time to close your laptops early (get outta there!) and get cooking — we’ve got the perfect Portlandia-themed dishes to make for tonight, and clips to go alongside. Beef up, or in the spirit of fandom, watch them again. Then name your dinner, grab a few cups of tiny coffee, and enjoy the show.


In honor of perhaps the most famous Portlandia food clip, pop a spatchcocked chicken in the oven for dinner — just don’t forget to ask after its name (and papers, if you’re really serious) from the local grocer.


Watching the premiere tonight won’t be the same without a trip to your local food cart pod. Leather jackets, optional but recommended.


Two words: Coffee Land. Play some Japanese techno, brew a pot, and be, like, the only person in town to do it right.


Here are some soups that will actually make people come to your dinner party.


Everything should be pickled. (They also happen to make the perfect show-watching snack. Go ahead, pickle that.)


It’s time to let your allergy flag fly. Gluten-frees, lactose intolerants, vegans, unite!


Play bartender for the show: put on suspenders, infuse some stuff, don’t forget the love. Or the homemade bitters.


We like our pies double-downed. We’re talking Cherpumple: pies inside of cake inside of other cakes, sandwiched between crepes, underneath monkey bread and on top of swamp pie. If you’re making this for tonight, you’d better start now.