We said it yesterday: The craze of burger bun innovation is in full swing, and at the top of the game right now is Keizo Shimamoto, the man behind Smorgasburg‘s Ramen Burger. Last Saturday, Shimamoto flipped 100 of his signature sesame oiled noodle “buns” for people who anxiously waited in the rain for two hours.

The consensus was mixed. Gothamist‘s Scott Lynch reported: “It tastes (and mouth-feels) exactly as you would expect: plain ramen, slightly crunchy but mostly soft and noodle-y, sealed together for hand-holding, but then it all comes apart pleasantly in your mouth, a nifty trick…” Lynch went on to add, “It could definitely use some jacking up, some fire and heat, like if they used red chili ramen or something.” To which we say, BYO Sriracha and you’re good to go.

Regardless of opinions, the novel buns are attracting crowds of fiendy customers that yearn to try a piece of Shimamoto’s creation. Here’s some good news for all the eager Ramen Burger eaters out there: The noodle revolutionary is back at Smorgasburg this weekend with 200 more burgers than he had last Saturday.

Now, because we deeply care about you succeeding in your New York food-fad adventures, we’ve compiled the official 3-step-plan for getting your hands on a Ramen Burger this weekend.

Click through the slides to see how you can insure noodle-y goodness for your Saturday morning Williamsburg brunch.