TGI Fridays just dropped a massive bomb in the ongoing casual chain restaurant wars. What are we talking about here? $10 Endless Appetizers, available today through August 24th.

For $10, you can order an endless supply of any of the following (no mixing once you’ve chosen, unless your friend orders something else and you share):

  • loaded potato skins
  • pan-seared pot stickers
  • mozzarella sticks
  • garlic & basil bruschetta
  • Tuscan spinach dip
  • boneless buffalo wings
  • crispy green bean fries

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Fridays Chief Marketing Officer Brian Gies tells USA Today that while sharing is discouraged, Fridays won’t be making servers police the action. He says,

“At the end of the day, our servers aren’t policemen….We’re not going to slap someone’s hand if they reach over and share someone else’s mozzarella sticks.”

Not surprisingly, this move is drawing some industry criticism. Boston University hospitality professor Chris Muller told USA Today,

“The risk comes when a crowd of six, or more, decides to get together and pool their resources, all ordering one item and sharing. Then it is easy to predict that everyone will order at least six refills each, with plates being passed around.”

But Gies is confident that it will work after a test run earlier this year in Cincinnati. During the test phase, very few people tried something as sneaky as what Muller predicts will happen. Not only that—general traffic, food, and drink sales nearly DOUBLED during the promotion.

President and Chief Operating Officer Ricky Richardson said in the press release: “It’s another example of how Fridays is giving our customers a better time out at every opportunity when they visit our restaurants.”

We aren’t surprised. After all, Friday’s founder Alan Stillman claims that the original Fridays was one of the first places in NYC where people actually lined up for food and drink. No question that they’ll line up to stuff their faces with mozzy sticks until they can’t stand up any longer. #Amurica

Please note: Some Fridays are franchised and don’t participate, so do check to make sure the location you plan to hit up has the deal. Otherwise, be ready to experience disappointment, frustration, and rage.

[via USA Today]

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