The Tedx conference rolled through Manhattan at the beginning of the month, bringing with it a theme near to many of our hearts: The way we eat, and what can be done to improve the food system in this country (and beyond). The speakers—including Tom Colicchio—discussed everything from the future of eating bugs to the problems with school-lunch programs.

If you’ve made your way through the 16 TED Talks That Will Make You Smarter About Food, you’re ready to move on to these presentations. Say goodbye to your productivity…

In praise of big organic: Myra Goodman

Why food policy is worth fighting for: Chellie Pingree 

Building true allies: Nikki Silvestri 

How big business had the right idea but went wrong: Andrew Gunther 

What the food movement can learn from history: Alison Cayne 

How art can change the way we eat: Matthew Moore 

Vote food: Tom Colicchio

Factory farms, antibiotics and superbugs: Lance Price 

Celebrating resilience—reframing the narrative around our students: Clint Smith 

Are insects the future of food?: Megan Miller

Hunting for food—race, class and access in New York City: Regina Bernard-Carreno 

Meatless Monday—a simple idea sparks a global healthy food movement: Peggy Neu