The taco emoji is about to be a reality. Starting tomorrow, Unicode 8.0 will be releasing 37 new emojis including the taco, burrito, hot dog, and popcorn. People all across the world can now shoot texts about Taco Tuesday and hitting up that new al pastor spot without the bother of typing out a whole word.

Although the release doesn’t guarantee the immediate adoption of these characters for the android or iPhone, it’s likely that they will be taken up by the phones in future updates.

Here are the brand new food and drink emojis coming to a text thread near you:

1. Taco


Might also be used for: When you bump into Odd Future member Taco Bennett on the street (Photo: Instagram)


2. Burritoburrito

Might also be used for: Swaddled baby

3. Cheese Wedgechese

Might also be used for: Conveying to your friends that you feel like Lil Wayne at a Packer’s game. (Photo: Vulture)


…or hinting you might have cut the cheese

4. Hot Dogdogg

Might also be used for: Sending d*ck pics

5. Popcornpop

Might also be used for: Subtle hint for your booty call to come over for a “movie”

6. Champagnechamp

Might also be used for: Letting your friends know that Champagne Papi’s latest hit is absolute fire.

A photo posted by champagnepapi (@champagnepapi) on

7. Turkeyturkey

Might also be used for: When your friend is about to get roasted. When you’re about to go in on the Thanksgiving main course.