Get ready, Chicago: America’s favorite taco chain is about to get boozy. Starting this summer, Taco Bell’s new Chicago location will be the first of its kind to serve alcoholic beverages. Rumors had spread that this was happening, but the company just confirmed the booze-slinging Chi Town location.

The restaurant itself is getting a face-lift, complete with barstools, an open kitchen, and a brick wall to help you forget you’re eating at a fast-food restaurant, and not at Margaritaville. In an attempt to grow their customer base of twenty-something consumers, Taco Bell will also feature the work of local “artists.”

We will no longer need to imagine what an alcoholic version of a Baja Blast Freeze would taste like. Not only will you be able you order beer and a glass of wine with your Chalupa Supreme, you’ll also be able to order your favorite freeze as a mixed drink.


Hopefully, this is only the beginning of many boozy Taco Bell restaurants in America. In a few years, we might all be gathering at a local Taco Bell to slurp down Sangria Blast Freezes with the squad. Given Taco Bell’s newly added breakfast menu, you may never have to leave the store, which is simultaneously scary and exciting.

Fun fact: Taco Bell already serves booze abroad in Spain, Japan, and South Korea. (This makes sense, given that South Korea is unparalleled in its liquor consumption.)

[via NYDN]