As nacho enthusiasts, we’ve always been a bit disappointed with Taco Bell nachos—especially given the chain’s ingenuity in other areas. But the dessert nachos gave us cause for hope. So we were really stoked to see the folks over at NPR revisiting Taco Bell’s take-home dessert nacho kit, which they describe as “the perfect thing after a meal from Taco Bell, and before a meal from Taco Bell, and between all meals from everywhere.”

The cardboard box comes equipped with cinnamon swirl tortilla chips, toffee pebbles, and a packet of caramel sauce (just imagine a crunchy churro). All you have to do is add ice cream.

Here are some enlightening observations from the NPR crew following the taste test:

Ian: I got an ice cream headache. Usually when I eat Taco Bell this fast, all I get is the respect of my peers.

Robert: It’s tasty. But until it comes with fluorescent yellow ice cream that glorps out of a pump, it won’t be a complete nacho experience.

Kelsie: With winter approaching, make sure you have plenty of emergency dessert nacho kits in your car.

brand eating

Photo: Brand Eating

Unfortunately, details are a bit sparse on where to find these suckers. After some detective work, I found initial reviews of the product dating back to 2013, along with others in August 2014. You have to wonder if NPR has been stockpiling nacho kits, or whether they have a valuable insider able to procure rare Taco Bell products.

The 1-800-TACOBELL customer service line proved useless: When I referred to the article on NPR, I ended up having to explain to the customer service person that NPR was a news outlet (let’s hope the call wasn’t recorded). A browse on the Internet showed that Walmart is completely sold out, so you your best bet at this point is to hit up Ebay (where they’re currently 5% off!).

We’ll have to decide whether to enter these in next year’s nacho battle—prepared by a 10-year-old kid chef, most likely.

[via NPR]