Jamaica just decriminalized marijuana, and Alaska is the latest state to legalize weed. It’s high times for lovers of the ganja.

So it seems appropriate that Taco Bell’s newest test item is Cap’n Crunch Delights—a doughnut hole version of a bowl of Cap’n Crunch, filled with sweet cereal milk cream.


Talk about a G.O.A.T. stoner snack.

The new breakfast item went into testing Thursday at Taco Bell locations in Bakersfield, CA, reports Nation’s Restaurant News. If the cereal-inspired doughnuts perform well in test, they could be introduced to Taco Bell locations nationwide.

Why partner with the Cap’n? Amanda Clark, Taco Bell’s senior director of marketing, tells NRN, “It’s a nostalgic throwback brand from when you were a kid. We feel like it will appeal to what we call ‘kid-ults,’ or the kid-adults out there.”

Cap’n Crunch Delights are meant to evoke a giant Crunch Berry, with the flaming pink color that’s definitely not found in nature. The breakfast pastry is rolled in a coating of crushed Cap’n Crunch cereal, because HELLO.

We’re just going to come out and say: This may be more exciting than the Sriracha Quesarito, depending on your munchies preferences.


[via NRN]

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