America is the land of the free, the home of the brave, and a nation of stunt-food addicts. The latest craze to make the Internet rounds? A sushi hamburger. No, it’s not a patty crafted from a California roll and stuffed between two sesame seed-studded buns, but rather a “burger” that uses discs of molded rice for buns, writes Fox News.

The rice buns are generally filled with typical sushi fillings (raw fish, soft-shell crab) or a more on-the-nose beef patty, then topped with condiments like avocado, spicy mayo, and pickled ginger to form one gut-busting, handheld monstrosity. They can be found at restaurants around the globe, including Cafe J in Melbourne and Yonekichi in NYC.

Rice burgers already exist in Japan, where they’ve been on the menu at the MOS Burger chain since the 1980s. But calling them sushi burgers and stuffing them to the gills is an international bastardization of an already-bastardized burger. Really, it’s food-mashup madness come full circle—a Japanese riff on an American burger slammed together with an American riff on Japanese sushi.

The question we should be asking ourselves is not where can we find a sushi burger, but rather why we keep ruining sushi with these monstrous creations. Like its brethren the sushi burrito (a.k.a., just a massive, over-the-top maki roll), the sushi burger is anathema to the simple restraint that defines good sushi. Moreover, the sushi burger and burrito are indicative of today’s ”super-size” culture, where practically everything needs to injected with culinary steroids—even something as simple as a milkshake.

Of course, Americans have long had an excessive relationship when it comes to sushi. In Japan, people don’t eat sushi every day the way we pound spicy-tuna rolls for lunch, nor do they order massive boats featuring upwards of 50 pieces sushi, or inhale rolls with aggressive names like King Green Dragon Donkey Roll. So let’s hope that the burger remains well within the confines of the Instagram world and doesn’t suddenly make an appearance on the menu of a McDonald’s near you.

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