Bologna sandwiches can be sad, take out chow mein even sadder. But Los Angeles-based photographer Stephanie Gonot doesn’t think desk lunches need to be depressing—in her recent photo series for NEON magazine, Gonot juxtaposes typical lunch foods like carrot sticks, Chinese take out, and dry pasta in tupperware with office stationary to create fun, playful images. She uses colorful backgrounds to spruce up the otherwise uninspiring, bland-looking lunch food.

Gonot has created other imaginative food-themed photo series, including her bizarre visual replications of fad diets like The Hollywood Grapefruit diet and the 7-Day Color Diet. This L.A. lady has a true knack for elevating everyday foods into art. Now, if only she could make this Pepto-Bismol Martini look appealing.

[via Design Taxi]

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