McDonald’s has more than 35,000 restaurants in over 100 countries; it’s the model of a successful franchise, and the biggest fast-food chain inside and outside of the States. (Fried food and capitalism: our gifts to the world.)

Across the U.S., there are nearly 16,000 of them, and the Daily Meal has crunched the numbers on just how ubiquitous those Golden Arches are.

California ranks number one for having the most McDonald’s within the state with a whopping 1492 locations. On the opposite end of the spectrum is North Dakota that has only 29 locations. Other states with few McDonald’s include Alaska, South Dakota, Vermont, Washington, D.C. and Wyoming, among others.

Here’s are the 11 McHappiest states on the list:

11. Virginia

Number of McDonald’s: 445
Fun fact: In 2000, a woman in Newport News found an entire chicken head in a box of wings. According to ABC News, the whole thing had been breaded and fried, including the beak, eyes, and comb.

10. North Carolina

Number of McDonald’s: 475
Fun fact: The first McDonald’s restaurant to receive LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certification for being a “green” building opened in July 2009 at 1299 Kildaire Farm Road.

9. Georgia

Number of McDonald’s: 511
Fun fact: In April last year, a frustrated off-duty policeman in Forsyth County threatened someone with a gun for holding up the drive-through line.

8. Pennsylvania

Number of McDonald’s: 583
Fun fact: RT reports that in January this year, police arrested a McDonald’s employee in Pittsburgh who was allegedly selling heroin in Happy Meals; customers requested the special boxes by using the code phrase “I’d like to order a toy.”

7. Michigan

Number of McDonald’s: 631
Fun fact: In 2013, two Detroit restaurants that were supposed to be serving Halal food paid $700,000 to settle a lawsuit claiming the food didn’t meet Islamic dietary requirements.

6. Illinois

Number of McDonald’s: 738
Fun fact: Although the brand was launched in California, McDonald’s Corporation founder Ray Kroc opened the first franchise restaurant in Des Plaines in 1955.

5. New York

Number of McDonald’s: 767
Fun fact: The McDonald’s at 160 Broadway in Manhattan has a doorman, marble tables, a private dining room, grand piano, wait staff and live music.

4. Ohio

Number of McDonald’s: 822
Fun fact: Many restaurants once offered the McPizza, which took 11 minutes to make. While most locations discontinued it by 200, a McDonald’s in Pomeroy continued to offer it until 2013, according to Bet You Didn’t Know.

3. Florida

Number of McDonald’s: 986
Fun fact: Orlando has one of the largest McDonald’s in the world, housed in a french fries-inspired building.

2. Texas

Number of McDonald’s: 1225
Fun fact: According to Yahoo! Shine, low-slung trousers are banned at at least two Houston-area restaurants where signs ask patrons to pull up their pants.

1. California

Number of McDonald’s: 1492
Fun fact: Brothers Dick and Mac McDonald opened McDonald’s Bar-B-Q in San Bernardino in 1940. In 1948 they renovated and relaunched it with a new burger-focused menu, featuring a 15c hamburger.

[via The Daily Meal]