Piggybacking on the overwhelming popularity of its Pumpkin Spice Latte, Starbucks is putting out a new fall flavor for the first time in four years. World, meet the Toasted Graham Latte, officially available today, September 23.

It took Starbucks almost a year of testing to get the recipe down for the new latte, which the company describes as “an espresso beverage with steamed milk, flavors of graham and sweet cream and finished with a sprinkling of cinnamon graham crumbles.” The #TGL is noticeably less sweet than its Pumpkin Spice counterpart, according to Refinery 29, and Eater calls it “preschool snack time in a cup.”

Starbucks beverage R&D manager Yoke Wong explains what inspired the new latte flavor

“I thought about the back-to-school season and looked at the latest food and beverage trendsWhat I found to be quite popular in the U.S. is the taste of cereal milk, the delicious leftovers in your breakfast bowl.”

According to a press release, Wong soaked graham crackers in milk to “replicate the taste of cereal and learn more about the milk’s texture.” Shouts out to Milk Bar pastry chef Christina Tosi for first popularizing the nostalgic and beloved flavor of cereal milk.

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