A favorite truism of people trying to underline the growing influence of Latinos in the U.S. is that salsa has surpassed ketchup as the country’s highest-selling condiment. While that fact is still in dispute, one thing is for sure: Both of them better watch their backs, because sriracha might just sneak up and eat both their lunches.

The Asian hot sauce (its origins may be Thai or Vietnamese, but like salsa, the popular stuff has been Americanized anyway) has become a staple for many Americans in recent year’s, and industry-leader Huy Fong is now pumping out $60 million of product each year. There’s no doubt that it’s the condiment du jour—a sauce that has inspired a thousand odes, wormed its way from dingy Chinatown tables to haute restaurants (think Jean-Georges Vongerichten‘s Perry St.), and even grabbed the spotlight on an episode of Top Chef. It’s the savior of lackluster Asian takeout, as well as any chili-loving college kid trying to get by on cafeteria food. It’s the most extrovert of sauces, blending in brilliantly with popcorn, toast, salad, mayonnaise, breakfast eggs, seafood, and bloody Marys (though, apparently, there are somethings it doesn’t go too well with). And it’s even rumored to be good for your sex life.

Sriracha and that oft-imitated Huy Fong rooster have certainly found a place in our hearts. But even with our love, we’re not blinded to the signs that the sauce might be going the bacon route. We already have sriracha chocolate (let us not forget that bacon took its first steps toward ubiquity through cocoa-lined channels), sriracha lollipops and icecreams, and even sriracha air fresheners.

Just how far has the craze gone? Click through the gallery above to see 15 sriracha-inspired products for super fans of the sauce.