Associated Press reports that the nearly impossible has just been accomplishedA fisherman has captured the elusive split-colored lobster, a one-in-50-million find.

Maine has proven to be ground zero for impressive lobster catches. Last year, three rare shellfish were trapped by fishermen, including two albino lobsters (a one-in-100-million find) and a blue lobster (one-in-two-million find).

As if the split lobster find wasn’t already impressive, Adam Baukus, a scientist at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute, tells NECN that this lobster is even more interesting than usual. Split lobsters typically have perfectly symmetrical coloring but this lobster has a uniquely brown body.

In addition to its discolored body, this Maine lobster has a gender. While split-lobsters are typically hermaphrodites, this lobster is a female.

If you’re hoping to catch a glimpse of this rare lobster find yourself, you’re in luck. The split-colored lobster currently resides in a lobster co-op where many people have already begun visiting the shellfish. But she won’t be there for long—the Maine State Aquarium has already offered to adopt the crustacean to put on display for the public.

[via DailyMail/Associated Press]