The age of creating Instagrammable food is officially upon us, and the latest social media–inspired tomfoolery comes from drive-in burger chain Sonic. According to BuzzFeed, the sugary slush–slinging fast-food joint decided that it wants to flex its hipster muscles (pause) and sell square milkshakes. At Coachella. Through Instagram only. Because if you aren’t doing it for the ‘gram, then why the hell are you even doing it at all?


The milkshakes, which were created in collaboration with fine-dining parody chef extraordinaire Christine Flynn (a.k.a., Chef Jacques La Merde), are the “world’s first milkshake designed for Instagram.” (A bold suggestion given the recent proliferation of “freak shakes.”) Served in clear square jars and decorated with toppings that have no doubt been tweezed to perfection, the milkshakes come in a variety of legit-sounding flavors: vanilla bean, buttered toffee, dark chocolate, bourbon brown sugar, dulce de leche, and wild berry and lavender.

While there’s little doubt that festival-goers will Instagram the shit out of this, we can’t help thinking that there’s no reason to believe that a square-shaped item creates the greatest ‘grams. What is impressive, however, is that this is the first time people can order food through Instagram—and the square shakes have a very round price tag of $0.00.

While the shakes will be available exclusively at Coachella on April 16, their influence may extend beyond the festival. You can already order food using nothing but an emoji, so Instagram ordering doesn’t seem too far-fetched. Can you imagine #TBT-ing an In-N-Out burger, and getting another to quell your nostalgic hunger? 

[via BuzzFeed]