Yes, the Grass-Whopper is pretty much exactly what you’re thinking it is—a Whopper-style burger with a patty made of bugs instead of beef. But, wild card: it’s actually made with crickets and not grasshoppers. The masterminds behind the bug burger say they came up with the name to mimic fast food, while offering a burger that’s definitely a far cry from it’s beefy namesake. The Grass-Whopper is the brain child of Pedro Reyes, a friend of Regina Galvanduque who owns Soho restaurant Antojeria la Popular. The duo first premiered the burger back in November at the People’s United Nations event in Queens.

Galvanduque makes the Grass-Whopper patty with fried crickets, which are bound together with melted Chihuahua cheese and then topped with the usual lettuce, tomato, and onion so that it doesn’t seem too far off from the mainstream burger. Antojeria has apparently been blowing up with people desperate to try their cricket burgers; they’re selling as many as 100 a day. Thanks to the Grass-Whopper’s success so far, the restaurant plans to make it a regular menu item. Adventurous eaters rejoice.

Antojeria sells other delectable bug items apart from the Grass-Whopper, like this blue corn tostada with toasted crickets:

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