A long time ago—somewhere around 2012—carbonated cocktails became the new ‘it’ beverage trend. “Using a Perlini system, a Twist-n-Sparkle, or other carbonation system, bartenders began bubbling their cocktails in growing numbers,” wrote Serious Eats three years ago.

Then the Times published a piece about hacking your Sodastream at-home soda maker to create everything from sparkling wine cocktails to flavored sodas. Sodastream advised against making anything but carbonated water, but no one listened.

Now, Sodastream plans to give the people what they wanted from the get-go. The SodaStream MIX, which will debut at Milan’s Salone del Mobile next month, can “carbonate any and all liquids, from pure fruit juices to alcoholic beverages.”


Photo: Jeffrey Morgenthaler via Wired

The appliance is pretty insane: it has Bluetooth connectivity, a big color display, and it works with an app on your smartphone. Yaron Koel, chief innovation and design officer at Sodastream, tells designboom,

After two years in development, MIX’s advanced technology has already garnered admiration from the world’s leading beverage professionals, who believe the unrestricted use across all drink formats will stimulate new beverage possibilities. The MIX combines technological breakthrough with the most advanced user interface ever seen in kitchen appliances and most importantly it allows home users and professional mixologists to create new exciting beverages they could have not done before! this is the most innovative product Sodastream has ever put forward.

We already have a patent on carbonated almond-milk iced cappuccinos, so DON’T EVEN TRY IT.

If you happen to be in Milan this month , you should hit up Milan Design Week 2015, where designboom and Sodastream will “bring together the leaders of the design industry, with protagonists of the culinary and mixology world—to engage in a greater dialogue revolving around ‘the future of the bar’.”

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