As the Winter Olympics got into full swing this weekend, the state of affairs in Sochi has become as much of a story the Games themselves. #SochiProblems has been gaining steam on Twitter as journalists and athletes find their hotel rooms in shambles and without running water or door handles. Everyone is wondering what happened to the $50 billion lavished on Sochi to prep for the Winter Olympics, and why there are so many stray dogs everywhere. Sadly, none of that money seems to have gone toward paving the streets, covering manholes, or addressing Russia’s archaic anti-gay laws.

But maybe the most comical of all Sochi fails are the seemingly endless #StrugglePlates athletes and journalists find themselves faced with as they seek sustenance at the Games. Some are encountering a bit of culture clash (if you’re eating breakfast in Russia, you better be ready for some fish), while others have found food that is just straight-up suspect.

From “Cok juice” to “ice cream in the ass,” check out some of the more curious foodstuffs of the Sochi Olympics.

The Struggle Plates of Sochi 2014

That’s hive-to-table freshness right there!

Water, the single most important fuel of athletes, looks like this in Sochi:

Breakfast of champions:

At least the munchies don’t go unsated in Sochi:

Is that sort of like morning wood?

#McSochi. SMH.

Welcome to Russia:


Could be worse:

Who will win the gold medal in butt chugging?

When the water is yellow, stick with gin:


Can someone familiar with Russian please explain this mistranslation? It’s clearly a theme:

Paging Cooking for Bae:

Too early to tackle this brainteaser:


Not entirely sure what’s going on here:

Did we mention the bathroom situation?

This is not a town where you want to have tummy problems…