Chef Andoni Luiz Aduriz of Spain’s Michelin three-star restaurant Mugaritz is developing a way for diners to smell his food via cellphone, reports Eater. Aduriz is working with City University London’s professor Adrian Cheok to develop scents to be used with an add-on device that is operated by the app Scentee.

What’s more, Scentee’s fragrance-emitting plugins (for your Android or iOS phone) are now shipped worldwide, according to the Scentee official site.

Scentee’s unique add-on for your mobile lets you associate particular smells with particular notifications. You can have the smell of coffee wafting through the air at the same time as your morning alarm, for example, or associate new Facebook updates with the aroma of lavender. 

Last week at the Madrid Fusion summit, chef Aduriz announced his plans for his app—which, according to a press release, “permit[s] the user to virtually prepare a recipe from the restaurant; the aroma from the finished dish is then released from the phone.”

The Scentee device retails for about $35 and cartridges are $5, which is definitely cheaper than visiting Mugaritz in Spain. Although, it’s uncertain when the Mugaritz scents will become available, according to Eater.

[via Eater]