Shake Shack is officially encroaching on In-N-Out’s turf.

According to a press releaseShake Shack will open its doors in West Hollywood in 2016.unnamed

The first Los Angeles Shake Shack will be located on the corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and West Knoll Drive, one block west of La Cienega.​ss

That’s right, L.A. residents no longer have to drive to Las Vegas—the furthest West the Shack burger has made it thus far—to get their fix.

Thus far, Angelenos reactions have been mixed:

One thing is for sure: We’re doing a side-by-side In-N-Out/Shake Shack taste test asap.

The publicly traded burger company, fresh off its IPO, is expanding rapidly. The burger chain is currently building new locations in Las Vegas, Austin, and Tokyo, with additional locations on the East Coast to come.

[via Shake ShackEater]