You must remember the Internet phenomena #PizzaRat. It’s only been, like, two weeks since someone filmed the rat dragging a slice of pie down some MTA steps before eventually giving up on the endeavor and disappear from sight.


Everyone from President Obama to BuzzFeed was wilding out on on Twitter about the slice-toting rat. Now, there’s a sexy pizza rat costume you can buy online right now for $89.95. But why? Because every meme—from #gamergate to the potato salad kickstarter—should be turned into a Halloween costume, right?

Actually, this Pizza Rat costume is very confusing because, on one hand, it’s objectifying and promotes the worst things about Halloween; on the other hand, it proves that more garments should have pizza slices for pockets.

But Halloween costumes are not the only way The Man is making money off the #PizzaRat—who, we should point out, —New York Daily News reports that the viral sensation was also turned into a plush toy.

Personally, we’re still waiting for the “It me, Papa John” sexy Halloween costume to hit stores. Might have to DIY that shit for October 31.

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