For Hot Ones fans, the name Smokin’ Ed Currie should be very familiar. You’ve heard Sean refer to him as the “Michael Jordan of hot chilies”; you’ve seen Sean dying on Smokin’ Ed’s infamous Carolina Reaper with Chili Klaus (twice!); and you’ve watched guests week after week suffering the wrath of The Last Dab, whose various iterations have been made with Ed’s other extreme creations, Pepper X and Apollo.

To provide fans with a deeper education in spice, Sean hooked up with Smokin’ Ed for a special Q&A covering everything from the origin story of the Carolina Reaper, to spice-world skullduggery, to the science of how your body reacts to hot chilies. For those who want to dabble in DIY spice, you’ll also hear about Ed’s new partnership with Bonnie Plants, which makes it easier than ever for Spice Lords to grow their own hot peppers.