There’s really nothing better than a flavorful, juicy sausage with a snappy casing. But the image that pops into my mind when I think of a “quintessential sausage” may be very different from what pops into yours. This helpful map delineates sausages around the world, from classic American hot dogs to sweet-salty Chinese lap cheong.

A lesser known sausage variety featured on this nifty map is Australian fritz, also known as devon, which is similar to bologna. Another lesser known sausage is South Korean sundae—not to be confused with the popular ice cream dessert—which is a steamed blood sausage that is often found stuffed with noodles. Below is a video of a tourist eating sundae at Kwangjang Market in Seoul, if you still feel like you haven’t gotten your international sausage fix.

[via Foodbeast]