If you’ve ever wondered what exactly happens after a marijuana raid, prepare to have your illusions shattered.

When the police raided a dispensary, Santa Ana, CA on May 27, they didn’t start filling in paperwork or collecting evidence. Instead, they apparently ate pot candy and tossed around darts after they believed that they had destroyed all video recording devices scattered throughout the weed shop.

According to OC Weekly, the grainy video reveals one officer asking another “What flavor?” about an item he picked up off of the counter and began to chew on, indicating that edible in question was likely pot-related. It also shows “a female police officer joking that she wanted to kick Marla James—a marijuana activist and wheelchair-bound amputee who was present during the raid—in her ‘nub.'”

The raid stems from a recent Temporary Restraining Order that required the immediate shut down of 20 dispensaries in Santa Ana, leading to arrests across the city.

While the officers themselves (who are seen donning ski masks and carrying crow bars in the video) have remained mum on the issue, Commander Chris Revere is unsure there was any wrongdoing during the raid, least of all munching on pot candy.

“Obviously we are concerned with what we see on the video,” Revere told OC Weekly. “We have initiated an internal affairs investigation. I’d like to see the unedited video to get a clearer picture of what is happening.”

[via OC Weekly]