As everyone’s still struggling to come to terms with the loss of Gray’s Papaya in Greenwich Village, Eater brings news of the worst possible outcome for the now-vacant space: It will become a Liquiteria, a.k.a. a juice bar that sells cleanses, organic cashew milk, and $8.50 cold-pressed juices.

Word came via a Liquiteria press release that had the audacity to note the location of its forthcoming shop was the former home of “the legendary Gray’s Papaya” (too soon, players!), and went to say that the chain is “excited to create a health and wellness oasis on this vibrant corner in the dynamic West Village neighborhood.”

It should be noted that there is already an Elixir Juice Bar literally two blocks away. The filthiest irony is that 402 Sixth Avenue was already listed under “Juice Bars” on Yelp because Gray’s sold juices (albeit ridiculously unhealthy ones). I guess the day Yelp added “Juice Bars” as a category that even existed, we should have all known it was the beginning of the end.

So yeah—the Lululemon mafia wins again. R.I.P. Gray’s, and R.I.P. our collective balls. 

[via Eater]