Our love for Russ & Daughters, the iconic LES appetizing shop and cafe, knows no bounds. Naturally, we were amped when we heard R&D had partnered with skate shop SHUT to create “The Whitefish,” a limited-edition skateboard.

SHUT is the oldest skate company in New York, founded in 1986 by Adam Schatz and Rodney Smith. By ’91, SHUT was done for, and then in ’93 Schatz and Smith launched Zoo York with Eli Morgan Gesner, who designed The Whitefish graphic. After Ecko bought Zoo York, the three regrouped and relaunched SHUT in 2006. Now they have a store right down the street from Russ & Daughters on Orchard.whitefish

Fourth-generation owner of R&D, Josh Russ Tupper, has been riding a SHUT board for years. Tupper explains why they chose whitefish for the deck: “We were considering a side of salmon or herring, but the whitefish was the perfect size and shape for the board.” The flip side of the deck is decorated with the same iconic logo featured on the wax paper that is used to wrap Russ & Daughters’ hand-sliced fish.

Michael Cohen, SHUT’s Vice President of Operations, says,

I love the way this project marries two iconic heritage brands from New York City. It’s really great for the neighborhood too—we have a tight little community here on the Lower East Side.

Want a Russ & Daughters skateboard of your own? (Of course you do.) The Whitefish deck is available at Russ & Daughters for $65. Then you can visit SHUT at 158 Orchard Street to outfit the board with trucks, wheels, bearings, hardware, and griptape, or to purchase a wall mounting kit at15% off. The deck is also available for sale at SHUT and on their website.


Tupper tells First We Feast he’s already thinking about what graphic he wants on the next SHUT/Russ & Daughters skateboard. Rugelach? Chive cream cheese? Pickled herring? We’ll keep you updated.

[via Russ & Daughters, SHUT]