Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles is one of the true icons of L.A.—it’s cemented in the firmament of the dining scene, and it’s been celebrated in countless rap lyrics, like Biggie’s classic “frequently floss hoes at Roscoe’s.”

But all is not well in the land of Roscoe’s. KTLA reports that the parent company for Roscoe’s has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. While the company’s financial challenges aren’t entirely clear yet, CBS notes that the chain took a major hit last year when it was order to pay $1.6 million after being sued by former employee Daniel Beasley. In the suit, Beasley said Roscoe’s fired him unlawfully and gave preferential treatment to Latino employees.

As we know from the travails of 50 Cent, filing for bankruptcy doesn’t necessarily mean Roscoe’s is going under. The measure may be strategy to stall while the company figures out how to restructure its debts.


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In any case, Angelenos will be praying that Roscoe’s weathers this storm. And if the going gets rough, we can only hope that famous Roscoe’s enthusiasts like Snoop Dogg and Nick Young will band together to save the chicken-and-waffle spot from shuttering.

Clearly, the people need this:

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