We’re living in an age of mashup-food mania, a time in which a new frankenfood unveils itself everyday. To help you keep up with all the new hypebeast snacks on the scene, we’ll be doing a weekly roundup of ridiculous mashup foods you need to know about right now, and ranking them on staying power. Read on!

Perfume + Momofuku Cookie = The Estée Cookie

Christina Tosi's Estée Cookie (Photo: Estée Lauder)
The mashup: Momofuku’s David Chang has endorsed everything from clothing to luxury cars, and last week Momofuku Milk Bar’s Christina Tosi reminded us that she’s not above a bit of corporate partnership herself. She created this rosewater-infused cookie to shill Estée Lauder’s Private Collection fragrance, and released the original recipe on the cosmetic and beauty company’s website.

Staying power: Low. Although it looks pretty and sounds scrumptious, there are no plans to actually sell the cookie in stores, reports Foodbeast. We’re therefore relegating this to the nicely-art-directed-publicity-stunt pile, since most home cooks are unlikely to replicate the recipe, which calls for freeze-dried strawberries and white chocolate milk crumbs. (Photo: Estée Lauder)

Candy + Candy Apple = Candy Apple M&Ms

Photo: The Impulsive Buy

The mashup: It’s not even Labor Day and already the onslaught of fall-themed food has begun (Starbucks has even launched a Twitter-based game that allows Pumpkin Spice Latte lovers—who are these people anyway?—to get their hands on the drink a week before the official September 2 launch). These Candy Apple milk chocolate M&Ms follow up last year’s Pumpkin Spice flavor, which was rated a measly 4/10 by The Impulsive Buy.

Staying power: Low. The Impulsive Buy deemed the Candy Apple flavor even worse than last year’s attempt to use the earth’s continuing orbit around the sun as an excuse to sell us something we really didn’t want. It was rated 3/10 with the verdict that it “doesn’t taste like a candy apple in the least.” But we’ll take this low-tech M&M candy apple any day of the week, preferably filled with not-disgusting M&M flavors like peanut, pretzel, and mint. (Photo: The Impulsive Buy)

Cookie + Caramel Apple = Caramel Apple Oreos

Photo: Foodbeast
The mashup: Not to be outdone, Oreo unveiled its own dipped-apple flavor this week, available exclusively at Target. The cream filling will be exactly half green apple and half caramel, between two vanilla cookies. This follows a bunch of other (largely questionable) special edition flavors this summer including root beer, Limeaid, and Reese’s Peanut Butter.

Staying power: Low. Oreo comes out with new flavors so often it doesn’t even bother to promote them, which may actually be a good thing, because its campaign to push mini Oreos has been so ineffectual that the brand is now mailing them out for free (and somehow managing to mess even that up). The profusion of limited editions means that, good or bad, each novelty flavory is about as memorable as a single video in a Vine compilation. (Photo: Foodbeast)

Bacon + Sushi = Bacon Sushi


The mashup: Bar Brutus, a Montreal restaurant, is taking the “everything is better with bacon” theory to the extreme by offering a menu that incorporates bacon into every single item. We’re talking doughnuts, hot dogs, poutine, cocktails, and this sushi wrapped in pig instead of seaweed.

Staying power: High. That a bacon-themed restaurant will be successful is a no-brainer; it could do a week’s worth of regular business just between the hours of midnight and 4am on weekends. Buzzfeed reports that Bar Brutus will open in the next several weeks, and that owner Anthoni Jodoin predicts that “it’s going to become a bacon mecca.” (Photo: Facebook/BarBrutus)

Chips + Jerky = Cherkees

Photos: Snack Innovators

The mashup: Not content with the current forms of snackable meat, or the bajillion weird flavors of Lay’s, Snack Innovators have created a jerky potato chip that actually contains dried beef. It comes in BBQ, cayenne, cracked pepper, and teriyaki flavors and, as Foodbeast points out, the product does bear an unfortunate resemblance to a box full of scabs.

Staying power: Medium. This has a better chance of making it big than the company’s other snack, Chollives, but only if it starts being sold in stores; it’s currently just available online. We hope it breaks through to the mass market because we like the company’s attitude—it’s currently crowdfunding to create the world’s biggest piece of jerky, a noble cause if ever there was one. (Photos: Snack Innovators)