We knew Ricky ate lobster bisque for breakfast. We knew he was a restaurateur, and that he drops some pretty strong food lyrics (including the most the most definitive nacho-rap line in history).

But here’s some new information about Rozay’s gastronomic prowess: His personal chef Jeremiah Bullfrog, owner of the Miami food truck gastroPod, has spent time in some of the most renowned avant-garde kitchens in the world, including El Bulli, wd~50, and Noma.

In an interview with the Huffington Post, he talks about his time in Denmark working under the incredibly influential chef René Redzepi:Noma in Copenhagen was probably the most inspiring and at the same time pretty cool vibe. Came back very inspired with a new look on food.”

It’s unlikely that he’s able to sneak edible dirt and foraged herbs into the Bawse’s diet, though Rick and René probably already know one another from the Illuminati.

Anyway, color us impressed with the pedigree of Rick’s man in the kitchen. Also, please enjoy this priceless insight into how Rick Ross interacts with the people who work for him:

Are you and Rick Ross buddies?
I am his chef. The first time I met he asked for my phone number and said, “When I call, it’s not cuz I wanna go to the movies.”

What’s it like cooking for the Bawse?
A typical call goes like: “A yo Bullfrog. Eight o’clock. 15 people. Make it sexy.”


Now watch the two do some awesomely bad acting in a Reebok commercial:

[via HuffPo]