At the end of January, Sriracha will begin shipping its product once again. This happy moment comes after the Huy Fong Foods Sriracha was ordered by the California DOH to halt shipping in early December, to make sure that the sauce was “free of harmful microorganisms.” But Huy Fong spokesperson confirmed to ABC News that the plant “plan[s] to resume shipments at the end of the month.

This past year was a shitty one for Huy Fong Foods and Sriracha. Before the company was ordered to halt shipments, it was brought to court in November by neighbors complaining of noxious fumes emitting from the factory. After noticing how much of a headache California was causing Huy Fong Foods, Texas State Representative Jason Villalba supposedly sent a letter to Huy Fong Foods pleading with them to move to Texas. The Texan also tweeted:

Personally, we weren’t affected by the shortage. That being said, we tried out this fabulous homemade Sriracha recipe in December and used it (and the original sauce) to make these 16 brilliant recipes.

[via Eater]