Big news, fatty duck liver lovers: The San Francisco Chronicle reports that, as of today, January 7, foie gras is once again legal in California.

According to Eater SFLa Toque’s Ken Frank—one of the chefs who led the fight to have foie gras relegalized—said that “a court invalidated the ban on importing foie from out-of-state into California this morning.”

The below California health and safety code has thus been obliterated by the court’s ruling. Here’s the full foie gras brief, if you’d like to take a look.


La Toque in Napa and Dirty Habit in Union Square are serving foie gras-filled menus tonight, and L.A.’s Melisse is adding a foie supplement to the tasting menu. Chefs, eaters, and producers have a whole lot of thoughts and feelings about the lift on the ban, which they’re expressing on Twitter. Take a look.

Since the new ruling says that those in California can sell and serve, but not make foie gras, non-California producers and retailers like D’Artagnan are about to make a killing.

Founder and visionary of D’Artagnan, Ariane Daguin, tells First We Feast,

“California’s ban on foie gras should have never existed. This overturn is great news for the local food industry. Foie gras producers have been carefully crafting this artisan product humanely for generations, ensuring animals are well tended, and chefs work with these farmers to ensure they source the highest quality product for their diners. Now, California residents can truly choose for themselves whether or not they want foie gras on their plates.


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