Canadians do things a little differently. They top their fries with cheese curds and gravy, they pronounce “about” “a-boat,” and they even have their own kind of bacon.

But now, one Canadian burger chain is taking things a little far by stuffing Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups into its burgers. That’s right, The Works burger restaurants now feature a burger filled with the popular peanut buttery treat, which they’ve dubbed the Works PBC.

As you can see, the Reese PBC burger is one of three stuffed burgers the chain is offering, though it’s by far the grossest. Stuffing cheese and pepperoni into a burger? Okay, sure. Stuffing chocolate and peanut butter? Let’s get a hold of ourselves.

One thing is clear: the stuffed burger craze is getting a little out of control, spawning everything from burgers stuffed with mac and cheese…

…to ones stuffed with blue cheese, mushrooms, and pastrami…

…to even one stuffed with shrimp.

But stuffing it with peanut butter cups has to take the cake, right?

If you’re not grossed out by the notion, then there’s really no better reason to head north of the border (not even universal healthcare) and get a Works PBC for yourself. Oh, and to make matters even better, that $15.98 retail price is in Canadian currency. It’s only $12.15 USD. So, that burger’s not just stuffed with chocolate and peanut butter—it’s stuffed with value, friend.

[via Fusion]