Grease-soaked cookbooks (and, these days, iPads) are often the unintentional victims of home-cooking, but a pair of Italian designers think they have a solution.

Marina Cinciripini and Sarah Richiuso created a series of temporary recipes tattoos that you can put on your forearm before cooking. Instead of constantly flipping back and forth between pages in a book, or running back to your computer to find out how many eggs to use, simply look at your arm to get all the information you need.

The crowd-funded project features different themed tattoo sets, each of which has four recipes—from “grandma’s artichokes” to “spaghetti with dry tomatoes and anchovies”—and a list of ingredients.

Body art is ubiquitous in professional kitchens these days, but these temporary tattoos are more about function than style—the placement is meant to “emphasize the common gesture of ‘rolling-up one’s sleeves’ before cooking.”

All photos via I Tradizionali


[via Design Boom]