We’ve all seen green bagels pop up on Saint Patrick’s day, but those are lame compared to the psychedelic rainbow-colored bagels sold at the Bagel Store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. According to INSIDER, the Bagel Store has been selling rainbow bagels for over 20 years, complete with a Funfetti cream cheese that turns the bagel into more of a doughnut than a savory treat.

INSIDER’s latest video gives a detailed look into how each rainbow bagel is made. Here’s a condensed version of what goes down:

1. Mounds of different colored dough are stack on top of one another and flattened to create a mountain of rainbow-colored dough.


2. Then, the dough is cut and twisted into a colorful shape reminiscent of something you would make out of Play Dough in preschool (just a lot more profesh).


3. After, the dough is baked into the iconic round of dough that owner Scot Rossillo calls “the world’s most beautiful bagel.” 


For the complete step-by-step look into how the rainbow bagels are made, you can check out INSIDER’s entire video above.

[via YouTube]

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