This African Rock Python made a deadly decision when he swallowed a 30-pound porcupine whole.

On June 14th, a cyclist riding down Lake Eland Game Reserve in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, found the massive python by the side of the road. He assumed the snake had consumed a small warthog—and like anyone who finds an insane-looking creature—decided to snap a few photos for his Facebook. The photos went viral, attracting new guests who were interested in seeing the bloated python.

A week later, park rangers found the snake dead after it fell off a rocky ledge on one of the park’s bike trails. After performing an autopsy, the rangers found a 30-pound porcupine inside the snake. The rangers claim it’s not unheard of for a python to consume a snake—but the decision can be, and in this case was, deadly.


Although it’s not certain the porcupine was the cause of the snake’s demise, the combination of falling off a ledge and the porcupine spikes piercing through the python’s digestive track were most likely the cause of death.

Pythons have been known to eat even larger prey than 30-pound porcupines. LiveScience reports, “The owner of the reserve, Eric Dunstone, once saw a python swallow an adult oribi antelope whole.”


Photo: Facebook / Lake Eland Game Reserve

We get it, now-deceased python; sometimes you see a snack that looks way too delicious (e.g. late-night shawarma doused with extra hot sauce) and can’t restrain yourself from devouring it, no matter the consequences.

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