Joni Mitchell may have been thinking about the environment when she sang, “You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone,” but these days, we can’t help but worry about our beloved Sriracha and chicken wings when we hear those lyrics.

In recent years, media has been consumed by an endless parade of purported food shortages that have left wondering if we’ll have to learn to live without some of our favorite foods in the near future. When Twitter starts adding “–pocalypse” to the name of your most beloved snack, is it time to buy it up, panic, or just laugh it off?

From Velveeta and wine (underrated pairing), to chocolate and craft beer, we take a look at the plausibility of 11 alleged food and drink shortages facing us now. Read on so that you’ll know exactly when to relax, and when to start hoarding food in your basement.

Find out the real status of your favorite foods that may (or may not) be in short supply.