Now this is some frat-boy tomfoolery right here: Two friends bros in Boston joined forces to launch Mighty Squirrel, the first-ever high-protein craft beer. We can just picture dudes pumping iron then chugging the protein-packed brew out of a red solo cup. It’s going to be terrible.

The beer comes in two varieties: Mighty Squirrel Original and Squirrel Light, which both contain five grams of protein to help you get ripped. For comparison, Sam Adams Lager contains only two grams of protein, and a Bud contains only one gram. Now it’s totally acceptable to turn up in the gym locker room!


 Mighty Squirrel co-founders Henry Manice and Naveen Pawar (Photo: Instagram)

The company co-founders tell, “We hope people enjoy our craft beer with more protein, and we hope people have many ‘mighty moments’ to celebrate—that is what we are all about.” Cool story, bros.

Manice and Pawar, whose beer hit store shelves in Boston on June 26 (and sold out within 24 hours), met working as production managers at a spinal implant company. They left their stable, high-paid jobs to brew protein beer. Smart move.

But this isn’t the first-ever protein-rich hooch to hit the market. Let us remind you of the protein-infused vodka that got Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino from Jersey Shore to be its spokesperson.


Photo: Instagram, Devotion Vodka

Then there was that protein-packed “yogurt for men,” which everyone nicknamed brogurt. #NeverForget

The Powerful Yogurt product is aimed at bros who want to enjoy yogurt’s thick, creamy consistency and its wealth of probiotics, but think it’s obvious that the stuff is made for women and European-style men, and not swagged out dudes whose GTL game can’t afford to be tarnished by such a feminine foodstuff.


Photo: Powerful Yogurt

All we can say is, the food and beverage world really gets how to target bros: Just add protein.


Photo: Mighty Squirrel/Facebook

Can’t wait to get jacked up on Mighty Squirrel? You can find it at Quality Mart convenience store in Boston, and at the restaurant Miracle of Science in Cambridge. Manice tells BostInno that the beer company “plans to scale up in and around Boston beginning mid-July.”

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