It stands to reason that extreme athletes have extreme diets, but this infographic from Decibel Nutrition shows us that some athletes eat a ridiculous amount of food even compared to their colleagues.


Granted, some of these stats are based on Olympic training diets and other extenuating circumstances. For instance, during the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Usain Bolt and Ryan Lochte reportedly ate a ridiculous amount of McDonald’s because they didn’t like the local food.

Still, a breakdown of their daily grub intake for that very brief period of time is somewhat mind-boggling—even more so when you remember that, between them, they took home seven medals.

Ryan Lochte


Bolt actually set a new world record for the 100 meter sprint, despite the fact that he supposedly subsisted on not much more than McNuggets and fries.

Usain Bolt


By contrast, Andy Murray’s 2014 Wimbledon diet is more along the lines of what you would expect for a pro sports player: lean proteins, carbs, fruits and vegetables.

Andy Murray


Although this tweet from his wedding day implies the tennis player doesn’t mind a few drinks when the occasion calls for it.

The infographic also shares the dietary habits of what it calls “extreme eaters.”

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson


Dwayne Johnson has apparently consumed more than 15,000 calories in a single day. That’s five times more than the daily recommended intake for men.

Michael Phelps


Michael Phelps isn’t far behind, with a 12,000 calories per day habit. This guy supposedly chows a kilogram (2.2. pounds) of pasta and an extra large pizza per day while training. We hope he waits two hours before jumping in the pool.

Take a look at the entire infographic below.

Diet of Champions


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