Are you searching for dope gifts to give to your family members, but failing miserably? Enter Pringles-scented candles, which will surely please everyone from your little cuz to grams.

Pringles in the UK is currently developing three scented candles—including pigs in a blanket, cheesy cheese, and Texas BBQ—so you can fill your home with that extra-special savory chip scent.

The new product was inspired by the company’s impressive sales during Christmas. A Pringles spokesperson tells Metro, “Sales of Pringles boom at Christmas… so what better way to create the perfect festive atmosphere than with the scented Pringles candle?”

There is just one small catch: the candles will not be ready until next year. But you can’t rush perfection. The Pringles spokesperson explains, “The candles are particularly pungent, so we might need to scale back on the odour before unleashing them on a mass scale next year.”

Can’t wait a full year until you can give the gift of a Pringles candle? This White Castle-scented candle or this brisket candle should do the trick.

[via Metro]